10 best cities in the world to visit


You maybe wanted to know which are the best cities in the world? In maximum cases people wants to know 10 best cities in the world to visit. Today we will share with you the list of the 10 best cities in the world where you can have a plan for your next trip.

We have searched huge about the best cities list and found some. We will collaborated this list here very precisely. We let’s move to see the 10 best cities in the world.


Reykjavík is one of  the best cities in the world which is situated in Iceland. A lot of tourists are heading to Reykjavík for the city’s arts scene & cool nightlife right on its doorstep. Painted houses you can gorge on the freshest fish, head out on a famously messy rúntur (round tour) – the Reykjavík residents’ Friday night boozy blowout. There’s no better way to tackle your Icelandic hangover than with a dip in one of the country’s steamy hot pools.


Maxican City is another beautiful city in the world. But if you tell someone that you’re going to Mexico City then maybe they will be astonished! Maybe they will ask you — Isn’t that dangerous? But this is totally bogus boo! The same precautions you would in any large city, for Maxico, the answer is no. Mexico’s bustling capital and economic powerhouse can be a really fun and safe destination for you.


Seoul, is another nice city in the world. It is in South Korea. If you haven’t visited Asia’s mighty hub of pop culture, it’s high time you did. Beyond the billboard of teenyboppers and full of glass towers of Gangnam, Seoul has a vibrant underbelly of ultra-cool that much of the world is just beginning to discover. You must visit it soon. 🙂


Winning the well-deserved accolade of European Green Capital of 2016. This is the elegant Slovenian capital boasts a wealth of green spaces. If you’re feeling green yourself, the car-free center is perfect to explore by bicycle.


Poland itself is nice. But after a devastating flood in the 1990s Wroclaw was painstakingly rebuilt. To be honest its mammoth Germanic churches, Flemish-style mansions and Baroque palaces have been restored to their former glory. After Warsaw, the captial of Poland, Wroclaw is the best place in this country.


Nashville is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. This famously conservative place has experienced a huge surge in young professionals, who have brought new life to the city’s more liberal. Nashville has an exciting time for the city. But at the moment Nashville’s soul remains really unchanged. This year, take a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to go firefly watching…


Amsterdam — really is a nicer one. In my personal experience I can tell you the best! With a new London to Amsterdam Eurostar service, it’s calling at Antwerp and Rotterdam set to start in 2016. Not only that the Dutch capital is about to get a whole lot more accessible. Be sure that the city is really well prepared for your relax 🙂 With revamped museums, a state-of-the-art film institute and a flourishing hub of avant-garde culture in the regenerated NDSM shipyard – a hangout housing restaurants, bars and a skatepark. The capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is going to be buzzing this year! You should really visit it soon!


England has a lot of beautiful cities. But after being named the least romantic city in the UK in 2015, and once crowned one of the “crap towns” of the UK. Naturally things are finally looking up for the best city Hull! It’s the UK City of Culture in 2017, so this year is Hull‘s practice run. It’ll be brimming with new hotels and restaurants, pubs, and even more of that distinctive home-grown creativity the city has always had. There are atmospheric old-aged pubs, eight excellent museums and a picturesque Old Town with cobbled streets.


Vancouber is really awesome one. In my last year visit, I saw its beauty! New North American and transatlantic flight routes added a new value to it. To roll out of Vancouver as airlines try to meet the world’s demand to visit this truly stunning city by the sea. This is truly Canada’s most livable metropolis. Not only it’s nice but also Vancouber is the country’s most expensive city. But that hasn’t stopped a host of exciting independent attractions. There are new microbreweries and restaurants making international waves everytime. Rainforests of Vancouver Island is also famous. I would say don’t miss it!


It was in 2012 when I visited the Agra, India. India’s majestic former Mughal capital is too often experienced in brief as a traveller’s day trip from Delhi to the ‘Taj Mahal’. But there’s much more to enjoy there. The monuments and tombs lining the Jamuna (Yamuna) River bank, the Taj Mahotsav arts festival held in February and the crumbling Mughal gardens dotted across the city. The nearby deserted city of Fatehpur Sikri, one of the city’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites which you should visit!

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