Travel Essentials Checklist: Simple But So Important

Hello, my beautiful friends! Hope you’re doing well. We all love traveling and when it comes to packaging for travel, we all forget something or another. That can make our life and trip miserable. For instance, almost all the time you forget to put your toothbrush or forget toothpaste… Scary? Yeah! It can become a little frustrating sometimes as well.

I am super lazy in packing and tend to forget one thing or another on a trip. That’s why I try to make a list of things that are essential and needed on a trip. I would like to say, this is a Travel Essentials Checklist: Simple But So Important. Before your travel, you just need to check the list if you forget something or not! Before planning, your upcoming travel doesn’t forget to book your hotel and confirm a flight earlier otherwise those could be expensive.

So, here is my essentials list for trips which maybe can helpful for you guys and next time you travel you don’t have to worry about packing and you can enjoy your trips hassle-free.

Always keep a travel bag or backpack with you along with your luggage in all the necessary items in it with you.

So, let’s get straight to our list…
Note: This is a basic but important list so decide accordingly what do you need to take with you.

➡ TRAVEL DOCUMENTS (This is the most important part!)

1. Passport / Visa
2. Personal ID or a student card if you have any (many tourists attractions offer student discounts)
3. Health insurance / Travel insurance
4. Printout of reservation
5. Transportation tickets

P. S.: Please do double-check your passports and IDs aren’t expired and keep 2-3 copies of your passport in your luggage as well in case of missing your backpack or travel pack.

Travel Essentials Checklist


1. Footwear according to your trip like if you going to the beach or warm places keep a pair of slippers and for cold places a pair of good boots.
2. Contact lenses or glasses if required (keep a pair extra for emergency)
3. Sunglasses
4. Contact lenses solution


1. Antibacterial wipes/hand sanitizer
2. Body lotion (heavy moisturizing lotion for cold places and for warm places a lotion with high sun protection factor-SPF)
3. Hairbrush
4. Deodorant / Perfume
5. Face cleanser ( Use a 3 in 1 cleanser which can do cleanse, scrub, and masking ) / makeup remover wipes
6. Moisturizer with an SPF (you can ditch this with an all-purpose cream with SPF in it)
7. Shampoo and conditioner (use 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner)
8. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash
9. Small size soap
10. Shaving razor and gel (You can replace it with a shaver or trimmer)
11. First-Aid kit (gas relief tab, antacid, bandage, sickness tab, pain-reliever (paracetamol type something), diarrhea/laxative medicines, allergy medicines, antibacterial ointment and other medicines according to your health)
12. Prescriptions
13. Insect repellent cream or spray
14. Makeup
15. Personal hygiene items

(Note: Use travel size products to avoid heaviness in your packing)


1. Alarm clock (Maybe the mobile phone is enough nowadays)
2. Batteries for small electronics and cameras
3. Camera (film, if needed)
4. Charger for your mobile phone, camera, laptop, iPod and other electronics items you carry
5. Headphones (for inflight movies or you’re sensitive to loud)


1. Choose Lightweight clothes which can be layered up
2. Undergarments
3. Sleepwear
4. Sweaters and jackets (for cold places)
5. Dresses / Shirt-pants
6. Jewellery

P. S.:  Choose your cloth wisely that can be worn differently. Don’t overpack just pack smartly!

➡ Miscellaneous

1. Healthy snack option (dried fruits, energy bar, nuts and another healthy snack etc)
2. Maps, guidebooks, language guides and directions (Nowadays smartphone is enough if you have an internet connection!)
3. Travel journal and pen
4. Travel pillow, blanket, eye mask and eye-plugs
5. A list of Emergency contacts and addresses

Note: This is a basic list that more or not you always need on a trip. Do pack your luggage according to your trip and uses . This is going to help you to keep in check the most important things.

Please DO comment below if you found this helpful and have other queries about it.

Until next time take care and have a safe journey 🙂

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